10 Gourmet CBD Oils Reviewed – Products For The Shopping Season

Top 10 Gourmet CBD Oil Based Products to Top on Your Shopping This Season

The warmer weather is quickly approaching and it’s time to re-invent your shopping list with some goodies.  And, did you know that using Cannabidiol in your cooking can improve your overall wellness routine.

You can use CBD as an ingredient in your cooking. Plus, you can devise lots of ways to incorporate CBD into your recipes.

CBD oil, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, comes with numerous health benefits. Unlike THC, it doesn’t get users high. Instead, CBD oil acts as a powerful medicinal compound that helps alleviate inflammation, depression, and anxiety in addition to stress. What’s more, CBD oil is an excellent source of nutritious compounds. Thus, incorporating it into your foods can create a gourmet recipe and at the same time offer you a spectrum of therapeutic-related benefits.
Pot d’Huile CBD Infused Olive Oil

Based in the heart San Francisco, Pot d’Huile’s naturally grown, virgin rich CBD olive oil is one of those products your kitchen should definitely have. Manufactured from Hojiblanca-Arbequina olives, CBD infused oil doesn’t have any green flavors found in other cannabis/hemp-based products. If you want a natural flavor, consider using this product for an extensive range of recipes and enjoy its massive therapeutic benefits. Moreover, it’s super easy adding this ingredient to salads, ice cream, or pizza. You can as well incorporate it into entrees and appetizers or simply take it with bread. Each millimeter of Pot d’Huile olive oil contains 1 milligram of CBD.

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Om Edibles Raw CBD Cacao

For those who are so much into chocolate-flavored products, then Raw CBD Cacao should be a must-try for you! Created with all-natural, organic ingredients, this CBD-based product offers incredible health benefits that can help improve your mood and relax the body after a long day. This type of CBD oil is one of the richest sources of iron and is packed with other essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium that support healthy growth of the heart, brain, and bones. This delicious product can be directly consumed by the spoon, added to warm milk, or taken with fresh fruit. A 4oz. jar of Raw CBD Cacao contains about 80 milligrams of CBD.

HoneyPot Premium CBD Honey

HoneyPot’s CBD Premium Infused Honey, sometimes branded as  ‘Coming Down’, is super delicious and has been made from raw, Grade A, and organically made wildflower honey.

Handcrafted in California, the HoneyPot Premium CBD Honey is carefully infused with CBD that has been extracted with clean, solvent-less carbon dioxide to achieve a high level of purity. Featuring bright citrus in addition to orange blossom tastes, HoneyPot can help relieve your stress and relax after a hectic day at work.

You can add this honey to your bowl of fresh fruit, put it on your yogurt parfait, or drizzle this yummy product on that soft cheese you love most.
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LEEF Organics Thrival CBD Extract

LEEF Thrival CBD is nutrient-dense and helps boost your body’s overall balance. You can add it to raw pesto or a green smoothie. Each package contains 375mg (milligrams) of pure CBD. Remember, you can readily purchase LEEF Organic’s high-quality CBD oil products online.

The CBDistillery 99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder

CBDistillery pure CBD isolate is as an easy-to-use powder created from industrial hemp oil. It’s non-GMO and contains no pesticides or carbon dioxide. The best way to consume this product is to utilize it as an ingredient. You can include it in different smoothies, pudding, sauces, or tea. Consuming this isolate powder will help reduce stress and anxiety symptoms.

Kikoko CBD Sympa-Tea

CBD oil comes with powerful properties that are essential for pain relief, inflammation, as well as muscle relaxation. With the Kikoko Sympa-Tea, users get a wide range of health benefits in addition to the fact that it is extremely tasty. Sourced from whole-cannabis plant extracts naturally grown in California, the Kikoko CBD Sympa-Tea delivers full-body healing. Other than CBD, this product features ingredients like turmeric, ginger, as well as licorice root.

Treat Yourself with Hemp CBD Orange Oil

This Hemp-based CBD orange oil features real orange oil. Thus, if you love pressed juice, this product can be a nice option for you. The product has been made from a blend of grape seeds and hemp oil. Thus, if you want to uplift, energize, and heal your body with something juicy (which of course doesn’t make you high), then CBD orange oil can be your perfect solution.

The CBD orange oil’s refreshing flavor blends perfectly with fresh juices. Thus, make sure you add a full dropper if you want to

Goddess CBD Ghee

Love ghee? Well, you can have it in another exciting form—CBD oil. Ghee, a traditional food as well as an Ayurvedic medicine staple, is a pure butter oil. This is so because it doesn’t contain any milk solids.  And Goddess Ghee manufactures handcrafted products that are made from purely cultured butter. Plus, the butter comes from healthy cows that have been fed with hormone-free grass. Judiciously infused with CBD oil, Goddess Ghee can make a great vitamins A, D, k, plus E source. Their product line is available in 3 different flavors.

Baceae Strawberry CBD Bon Bons

Based in California, Baceae Cannabis Confections manufactures artisan chocolates, hemp bars, as well as granola bars. These products are made from locally sourced ingredients (which are organically grown). This scrumptious sweet treat comes with powerful therapeutic benefits and won’t get you high. This product is made with creamy dark chocolates that have been carefully infused with dry strawberries plus hemp CBD.

Cured Nutrition CBD Spices

Your cooking can never be complete without some amazing spices. Cured Nutrition has designed delicious CBD spices that can be incorporated into various recipes. There are six different flavors; peanut butter chocolate, cinnamon honey, roasted garlic lemon pepper, pumpkin spice, blackening, and Smokey BBQ. This spice can be used like other spices to impart premium taste to your food. Plus, the spice won’t you get high. So, if this is what you have been looking for in a spice, then the cured nutrition CBD –based spice can be your best option.