The Feet In Two Worlds Mission Statement

The Feet In Two Worlds group is dedicated to improving the lives of immigrants all over the country.

We have personally seen the lives that have been torn apart by judges, and the families that have been ruined, all because somebody was of a different race or religion than the native one.

We are on the front lines and can see the torment endured daily by those who are unfortunate enough to have been born elsewhere.

Since deleting the border is a priority for us as we move towards a global society, we are proposing many new things, especially in regards to Trump’s border wall.

We do not want to see this happen, and Feet In Two Worlds is rallying to make the US a safe space for incoming Mexican immigrants and others. These people provide the US with some of the finest grown hemp oil and CBD products imaginable, because they are working in the fields where cannabidiol grows.

Please do not kick them out or deport them or their families. After all, they contribute to our economy a lot.