Top CBD Oil Sources In Canada (A Big Relief For Fibromyalgia Patients)

(Article updated with new info on 10-31-19)

Canada has been abuzz with news of CBD oil products coming to the shelves for the last few years.

In this article we examine why many Canadians have been turning to these products.

Cannabidiol (commonly abbreviated as CBD) is an all-natural compound created from cannabis. This organic form of treatment doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is popularly known for its “high effect”, CBD doesn’t make people feel high.

This is great news for people who do not want to feel “weird” while they are on it.

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By the way, if you want to read about the laws surrounding CBD in Canada, check out this article here.
CBD attacks THC-targeted receptors in order to relieve the negative effects associated with marijuana, such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia. It’s believed that cannabinoid activates serotonin receptors, and helps in pain perception, relieving inflammation, and regulating body temperature.

Justin Trudeau and the CA government have been looking into this to determine the true “actions” it has on the body.

It’s also responsible for breaking down certain chemicals in the human brain that affects mood as well as mental function. This suppresses psychoactive symptoms.

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If you are someone who loves the cannabis plant, look no further than this article for reasons on why you should consume it every day and use it for nutritional as well as medicinal purposes.

Why Canadians Are Using CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia

Vancouver’s fibro community really loves hemp extracts because of how much it helps their symptoms.

Ever since the country enacted new regulations that made cannabis products a lot more legal, things have been quite different everywhere you look.

Fibromyalgia refers to a chronic pain condition that’s characterized by musculoskeletal pain, cognitive issues, in addition to fatigue. There isn’t any specific cure for this disorder. Most treatment options are focused on pain management.

Fortunately, the entry of CBD oil into the medical industry has brought great hope to fibromyalgia patients. It has been proven to be an incredible alternative to using addictive opioid prescriptions.

However, CBD oil hasn’t yet been approved by FDA (an abbreviation for Food & Drug Administration) as a regulated form of treatment. Recent studies established that CBD can be highly effective at relieving neuropathic pain.

Fibromyalgia’s Treacherous Toll On The Body

Fibromyalgia is a horrible illness that consists of muscle pain and sometimes nerve pain.

It is thought that it is largely due to another condition called SFPN(small-fiber poly-neuropathy).

It may include symptoms like the following:

• Joint stiffness
• Muscle stiffness
• Muscle pain
• Nerve pain
• Fatigue
• Muscle weakness

This article covers the various reasons why Canadians with Fibro stuggle in their jobs.

Available Cannabis-Based Treatment Options In Canada

Many Toronto and Montreal CBD shops ahve started supplying a variety of tinctures and capsules to the public.

CBD oil products are consumed for their therapeutic benefits without experiencing dis psychoactive symptoms. However, it may sometimes be hard to find products that only contain CBD, without THC traces.

In this case, Cannabidiol products which contain both CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can still reduce pain significantly.

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Where To Buy CBD Oil In Canada

There are various online stores and physical shops where you can get CBD oil in Canada.

Fortunately for us, they are now bringing out tons of great deals and coupons(such as buy-1-get-1-free, half-off deals, 30% discounts, etc.) that allow us to get cannabis oil and hemp extracts at a much cheaper price than before.

We absolutely love the fact that these items like CBD liquids are being provided to us consumers cheaper and cheaper all the time.

Many Canucks from Ontario have expressed their joy about this as well.

Canada really is welcoming CBD oil with open arms and the hemp industry could not be more grateful for all of the money that is being spent by CA residents every day.

Unlike medical marijuana and green bud products, these Cannabidiol extracts are non-psychoactive and therefore they apply to people from all walks of life.

How To Consume CBD Oil

There are a ton of different ways to consume cannabis extracts and CBD.

Under the tongue using a tincture or swallowing a capsule are the most common ways.

You can consume CBD in a number of forms including:

If you want instant relief from pain, smoking CBD-based products are the fastest way to alleviate symptoms. Smoking or vaping enables you to inhale CBD directly, absorbing the substance swiftly into your lungs and entire bloodstream. You can also opt for edibles, topicals, or oil extracts that are dissolved underneath the tongue.

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For decades, people suffering from fibromyalgia have looked for alternative ways of treating and lessening pain in Canada.

Luckily, CBD oil has become a wonderful medicinal solution to patients struggling with fibromyalgia-related pain as well as several other health conditions.

Now, with the help of this nourishing cannabis-based product, those affected can find relief and recovery, whilst keeping their bodies free of chemicals as well as pharmaceuticals.

The impact of CBD oil on the lives of fibromyalgia patients is massive, and many people are now turning to it as an alternative treatment option. Though fibromyalgia can’t be cured, cannabidiol can help soothe the pain and discomforts associated with this condition. CBD oil can either be applied topically as a cream or gel on the affected areas or it can be absorbed orally under the tongue as an oil or tincture. There are also certain CBD oil products that users can smoke or vape, as well as ointments, salves, plus other topical preparations.